Monday, April 16, 2012

the post project post.

My whim-of-a-365 has been realized!
I am so glad I finished. So glad it is done.

Saturday, was the first evening in a whole year that I didn't think/panic over a roundy. That's a long time to worry about roundies! I didn't realize I was stressed about it until I didn't have to do one anymore!

I really did enjoy the routine for the first 6 months straight. I stitched, photographed and posted on time too. Then I was able to stitch each evening with doubling up on some nights, but the photographing became hard to get in. I am so glad I kept at it, stitching when I could. Picture taking when I could, even when the results were uninspired. The sense of completion is very inspiring for me now. I have the ideas and the room in my brain for some exciting projects.

These new whims won't have deadlines.

The next step will be to go through these stacks and pick out favorites and least favorites. Then do the same with the 1790 pictures I have of the project from start to finish. Looking over the pictures in order is like looking through a journal. A journal written in thread.

The final leg of A-Round-A-Day will be to put these lil' stitches to good use of course. A few quilts will probably do the trick. I am open and I am not in a rush.

So, a pretty little end to my year of stitchy madness!
Thanks for hanging in there and following along.

Phew! Double high five! Bear hugs!

La Fin.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

la fin


The End.
One whole year.
365 lil' round embroideries.
I totally did it.

Be back tomorrow for a post-project post.

(I totally did it for reals.)