Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coming Soon...

Been wanting to do a "Project 365" for a while now. I love how the dedication and rhythm it takes to do something daily for a year straight, no matter the subject, skill level or medium, turns that "something" into something neat. Something worthy.

I take so many pictures that just posting a photograph daily wasn't a stretch really. It wouldn't be a challenge because I take enough pictures everyday to hold me over for years. Now, stitching a teeny embroidery each and everyday and then posting a picture of that, might be. Right? At the very least it will be something different for me. Plus it will get me stitching regularly which is needed.

Now, I need to figure out when to start.

I don't want to wait til' the new year. To impatient. I don't want to start tomorrow. No rhyme or reason to that. I am thinking this Friday, April 15th. Nice round number, right in the middle of the month. Sounds good to me. You got pins and needles too?

Now for the guidelines and materials.

-5 inch by 5 inch squares of fabric. (solid, print, whatever. I am pre-cutting these from the stash and will choose one each day.)

-3 inch lil' wood hoop. (Going to try to use the same one throughout.)

-I will not over prepare and will try to stitch what comes to mind first.

-Anything goes for the design; abstract, realistic, text, color, simplicity/complexity, etc.

-Photograph each "roundy" in a creative way that helps tell it's story.

Sound do-able? I am not sure but I am giving it a go. Meet me back here this Friday for Day 1!

So excited!


  1. Looks like I am your first follower. Yay!! I love your A round a day idea. Very cool. I hope you will pop over to my blog to say hello. I am having a blog hop that starts on the 15th. and next up is a giveaway.

    Happy day to you
    Tam ♥

  2. Yay! Welcome and thanks. :) I will for sure stop by your place, fun!

  3. I will follow you too! I love the idea and to tell you the truth I struggle with choosing just one picture a day as well. However, I would love for you to show me how to add the text to my banner picture. Please?

  4. I will follow as well, and may even participate if I can find a 3" hoop by Friday (i'm sure I can) Have you thought about what you're going to to do with your "roundies?" each day?

  5. How exciting, a few bloggers getting together to discuss the thing they love to do! :)

    Melissa, I added text to my blog banner by creating the image in photoshop, then uploading the saved image as my banner. If you don't have photoshop, any photo editing program will do, Paint also works :)

  6. Hi Kayla! Thanks for following! I think after I photograph the lil' finished pieces each day I am going to date and save them til the end of the project. The obvious end in my mind would be a quilt I guess. We will see next year. :) I have a little bin waiting to hold all the finished squares. That would be great if you did it too! I should encourage people to do so and then leave a link to their pieces in the comments section. Fun right?

    And Melissa, I use Picnik, so easy! I don't have photoshop anymore, so Picnik is what I use for all pictures I want to lay text over. Kinda fun!

  7. A quilt!? Oh gosh, what a delight!! I definitely will do my best to do a piece a day as well! i'll post the pictures on my blog, and link bag to yours, I am so excited to see what you come up with! I especially love the randomness of it all, not having a theme or preparing for the work is all in the fun!

  8. Oh my gosh! Thanks! I will be sure to visit your blog often as well and can't wait to see your "roundies". So funny, I hadn't even considered that others would be interested in joining in on the fun. This crafty-blog community is so neat isn't it?