Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the vacation muslin.


Hi everybody!

We are home! And look! I really did stitch while we were gone. I know it's hard to see. There is nothing really intricate and only a select few were really well planned. I relied on text for the days that I had no ideas at all. I am fine with that.

I almost stayed caught up too. Just had a few days worth to catch up on at the end. Not bad! My handsome helpers were thrilled to help me take a picture of them all. I am a little worried about my spacing for cutting at a later date and I wish that I had run an iron over it. But! I am just so happy that I stuck with it...

If my math is correct, and it never is, I believe I am right on track to stitch day 124/365 to post tomorrow. It is nice to be back into the Round-A-Day rhythm.

It's nice to be home.

See you tomorrow!


  1. If your fabric's too small for the hoop when you cut it out, just sew some additional (coordinating? prints?) fabric to the outer edges and then hoop it. :) Good for you for staying on track, and welcome back!

  2. Thanks! good to be home. Thanks for the tip too. I knew I should have measured... :)