Monday, March 25, 2013

A Round A Day, One Year Later.

Hello! Almost one full year later!

A bit ago, after eight long months of being shelved, 
these guys got to see the light of day and breath. 

I sorted them with Minna.
Hooped and stitched them onto fabric and into garlands.

 Then packed up all 365 roundies 
along with the rest of the last two years of my embroidery life.

Then brought them to town to show them to people in real life.

Seeing them all together, framed, hooped and in people's hands 
was more than I ever thought would happen with this little project of mine. 

Friends and strangers came to see and share their own embroidery stories.
It was awesome, and fun and made me so happy to live where I live.

Myself and this table made page 1 of the paper.

Jeff's arm and dead rabbit are on page 3. 

The poor bunny is part of my new embroidery project.
Stitching from my photographs. 
I am enjoying it so much. 

No deadlines. No pressure.

Just me and a needle.


  1. How great to have them out and shown to real life people, they're wonderful and deserve to be seen, it was quite an accomplishment after all! I'm glad you blogged again, happy to see you back and looking forward to seeing what you stitch in the future. Happy 2013!

  2. Your story was also in the Juneau Empire :D

  3. You are amazing! I just went to your other blog and ended up on this blog. I was inspired by your embroidery and want to give it a go. Any books you would recommend for a beginner?

    Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing!